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Nature as Co-Guide in Spiritual Companioning


 Eco-Spiritual Direction integrates the wisdom of wilderness into the process of spiritual companioning.  Wilderness is any member of the natural world, the waters that flow from the sky, the crow calling from a nearby tree, the sun that rises every morning.  


At a time when ecological and social collapse is happening all around us, many people are processing grief and fear far beyond their own small stories.  And are called into service to the world in deepening and previously unknown ways.  Eco-spiritual direction integrates our relationships with the land and creatures of our watersheds into the flow of spiritual companionship relationship. 

Victoria's approach is holistic, centered in restoring a sense of connection and belonging to a larger story.  Deep inner kindness, a radical sense of inner authority, and restoring your inherent capacity to connect with the Sacred through All That Is. Trained as a spiritual director through Stillpoint in Southern California, Victoria has developed over the years a practice of spiritual companionship that includes the wisdom of the natural world, welcoming all the feminine and wild ways of knowing into the session.  


If you are feeling a strong sense of calling to embody your unique gifts and step fully into your urgently needed role in what Thomas Berry calls the Great Work, you will need to reconnect deeply with the Sacred, the Earth, and your own soul.  Eco-spiritual direction supports this journey.

Eco-Spiritual Direction

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Eco-Spiritual Direction Certification/Training

The Center for Wild Spirituality just announced a unique opportunity to be trained as an EcoSpiritual Director.  


Eco-Spiritual Direction Wait List

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Victoria is not currently accepting new spiritual direction clients.

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