Wild Church Network

Wild Church is a movement of people who are taking seriously the call from Spirit and from Earth to restore a dangerous fissure. Spirituality and nature are not separate.

To approach the wild world with reverence is an act of resistance against centuries of abused power, patriarchy, violence and empire-building that has led to a worldview of dangerous disconnection.  Restoring kindred and kind relationship between ourselves and all races, genders, traditions and species is at the core of a new story of kinship and interconnection.  Wild Church is a way to put it into practice.


The Wild Church Network


“As Western Christianity undergoes its identity crisis—a reformation or a slow implosion, depending on your leaning—a small but determined number of people are urging the church to seek God in the literal wilderness.”

                                                             Fred Bahnson, Harper's Magazine, 2016

In 2016 a group of spiritual leaders in North American found one another and launched the Wild Church Network.  They discovered that they were not alone in their decision to leave buildings and connect directly with the wild as a practice of church. 

          Now there are multiple small communities from nearly every mainstream denomination practicing a new way of restoring relationship with the Sacred in Nature in the Wild Church Network.  There are no guidebooks or creeds or dogmas.  The Network doesn't try and offer "how-to" trainings for new leaders.  We offer "encouragement-to" find ways of gathering people together in nature that is unique to each leader, their particular human community, and the specific bioregion where they live.

          Margaret Wheatley, speaking of the phenomenon of organic social change, asserts that pioneering efforts like this "developed by courageous communities become the accepted standard.” While the movement is still on the edges, the efforts of the pioneering wild church leaders will be deeply influential in helping to "reWild the church" and shift the paradigm of a disconnected culture toward a new story of interconnection and kindred relationality.

To learn more and get involved:  WildChurchNetwork.com

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