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You are being called.

Do you feel a calling to re-connect with the natural world? To find a new spirituality? To discover the purpose for your wild and unique life?

Pine Spruce Branches 8

The Eco-Spirituality Certificate is not a training program— it’s an opportunity to nurture the seeds within you that have always been there. Everyone has a seed of brilliant purpose within them that is urgently needed right now. Entering this program will help you to name that purpose and allow it to bloom. 

Image by Steve Arrington

The old story is dying.

Climate change and the destruction of life all around us leaves us deep in despair. Solutions offered to solve the crisis feel too little, too late.

The Christian church's life-denying patterns of colonization, appropriation, conformity, exploitation, and collusion have caused us to leave religion behind.

Our relationship and sense of belonging with the natural world has been cut off. Those in our communities do not see nature as sacred.

Image by Ravi Sharma

The new story is emerging.

The new story is still happening — we’re still wrestling with it. Each of us is needed in this unique time, called to service in a world desperately in need of spiritual leadership — which is not just a pastor or preacher.

Being a spiritual leader is approaching whatever you do with a connection to the Divine, to the more-than-human community, and to our own souls.

The eco-spirituality certificate

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Benefit one. Why get a certificate?

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Benefit two. Why get a certificate?

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Benefit three. Why get a certificate?

Program Tuition

Total program cost: $3,200

A 10% deposit reserves your place in the cohort. Full-pay or monthly payment options are available for the remaining balance. Balance due or monthly payments begin one month before the program begins.

Get more information

Have questions? Schedule a one-on-one call with Victoria.

Ready to dive in?

Fall Cohort

October 2022-2023
Cohort begins October 4


Module 1

Participate in sacred connection with Earth in the first ten-week module of the program. Deepen your love for Earth as your primary community for belonging with dreamwork, contemplative wanders, embodied prayers, and ceremony.

Image by Andre Taissin
Image by Moriah Wolfe

Important Dates
Wild Earth closing ceremony July 6 for Spring Cohort

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