Hi, I'm Victoria.

Thank you for finding me!  


I'm guessing that you, too, are an edge-walker concerned with repairing the broken conversation with an alive and sacred world. We need to stay connected in this emerging spiritual ecology movement. I look forward to meeting you! 


Through my book, Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred, and the transformational wild-spirituality organizations, I've helped to midwife into practice, I hope we can find ways to connect.  

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Wild Blessings!  

Flowers on Wood

"Church of the Wild uncovers the wild roots of faith and helps us deepen our commitment to a suffering earth by falling in love with it -- and calling it church."

Published by Broadleaf Press. 

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Tropical Leaves

 “Church of the Wild” is a groundbreaking account of postdualistic religious experience, and an intoxicating temptation to allow yourself to love.” 

                       - Andreas Weber, biologist and author of Matter & Desire


TheWild invites us
into the Sacred.


Have you heard the call of the wild ?

Have you experienced a mystical connection with God, with Mystery, with the soul of the world by listening and responding to the creatures and places around you?  What if we really did belong to this beloved community that expands beyond our species? What if this Conversation was the song of the Wild Christ?

The Sacred invites us
into the Wild, too.


The call into wilderness is not simply a metaphor.  

Ancient scriptures recount story after story of people who,

at pivotal times in history, are called into the actual living wilderness. 

By the Sacred, by God.  On purpose.

As cultural and biological systems collapse around us,

a WILD SPIRITUALITY, intimate re-connection with Earth as sacred,

is needed for our personal and collective transformation.  

It is a remembering that

we belong to a much larger love story.


Stories in the News

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NPR: Earth and Spirit
Talking to the Rivers, Listening to the Wind and Stars

"In this conversation, we explore . . . our place in nature as an essential part of spiritual belonging and how to restore the great, necessary conversation between us, the divine, and the more-than-human world."

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Church of the Wild


Victoria and Michael Gungor enter into a vibrant conversation around the deep connection humans have with their place and the beings  who share life with them.  

Image by Johann Siemens

Could worship in nature
resuscitate Christianty?

“if humans hope to survive on this planet, we will have to find a more compassionate and interdependent way of living...The cosmology of a savior who will rescue us from this earth is not sufficient for such a time as this.”

Garden Furnitures

Why we should listen to trees.

Mason  Mennenga of Union Seminary of the Twin Cities podcast chats with Victoria about how we have to radically reimagine our relationship to the natural world and how church in nature is a thing. 

Woman in Rocky Scenery

Disconnected from Christ, outdoor church brought her back

"I encourage people to wander. As you set out, cross a thresh­old. Maybe it’s your doorway or some trees that look like an archway. Before you cross that threshold, just stop for a moment and breathe."


The Wilderness That Speaks

It is Victoria Loorz’s mission to help people not just care for the earth, but to fall in love with it.


What would it look like to move beyond appreciating nature, even past protecting her, to loving her? And realizing, perhaps, that we are already a part of her?


Church of the Wild is a way of connecting with the Sacred through Nature.  It is an intentional re-membering ourselves back into the grand conversation, the great love story of aliveness.

And calling that church. 

Encounters with particular beings or places are opportunities to learn the language of connection, invitations into relationship...

with the more-than-human-Others,

with the Sacred Presence

and with our own Souls.  

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Eco-spiritual direction is a spiritual companionship that includes the voices of the more-than-human Others, restoring the sacred conversation holding together all things. 

Even your own life.