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Earthkeepers: A Circlewood Podcast

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

God in Nature: Victoria Loorz and Wild Churches

Forrest Inslee | 7/9/2020

Forrest Inslee and James Amadon talk with Victoria Loorz, founder of the Wild Church Network and author of a forthcoming book called Church of the Wild. The Wild Church Network is a broad association of religious communities that practice faith life in ways that foster connectedness to all of creation. A key practice of a wild church is holding some or all of their community gatherings in the outdoors, encouraging and guiding people to sense God’s presence in the natural world. You might recall from a previous episode with Lenore Three Stars, that an essentially indigenous value is seeking to be a “good relative” among all the myriad beings that make up the family of creation. In a similar way, Wild Churches seek to cultivate this dynamic of relationship that they call “KIN-dom”.

Keywords: Wilderness, revelation in creation, spirituality, reimagined church, multi-faith, religion, millennials, "Dones" Guest: Victoria Loorz: Leader of a Bellingham Wild Church and founder of Wild Church Network

  • Echoes Church - Bellingham, WA

  • Wild Church Network

  • Seminary of the Wild

Definition of numinous

St John of the Cross' poem Dark Night of the Soul

Kids Vs Global Warming - nonprofit Victoria started with her son

Thomas Merton - mystic, monk, author - Thomas Merton Center and Wikipedia

Terra divina--example

Definition of Fr. Richard Rohr: Centering Prayer

Quote: "All great truths the opposite is also true" in Niels Bohrs' writings

Quote: "The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects." Thomas Berry “Petrochemical Age” in Evening Thoughts p. 96

Quote: "We don't protect what we don't love..." Richard Louv, The Nature Principle p. 104

Biography of activist Julia Butterfly Hill

Prof. Ryan Bolger, Fuller Seminary

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