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The Chautauquan Daily: Victoria Loorz calls on conversation, reconnection to Earth as saving grace

After 30 years of working as a pastor, Victoria Loorz had an epiphany: Perhaps more sacredness surrounds humans within nature than within the four walls of a church.

Loorz, Wild Church pastor and eco-spiritual director, opened Week Two of Chautauqua’s Interfaith Lecture Series with the theme of “Reconnecting with the Natural World” at 2 p.m. Monday, July 4, in the Hall of Philosophy. Loorz’s lecture, “Restoring Spiritual Practices to Reconnect with Our Place as Sacred,” was dedicated to the importance of conversation and interconnectedness among all species.

Joeleen Hubbard / staff photographer Loorz introduces herself to Chautauquans attending her lecture in the Hall of Philosophy.

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