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The Reverend Hunter Podcast

Victoria Loorz: "The church of the wild"


Tony Jones talks with Victoria Loorz about her new book, "Church in the Wild." They discuss the goodness of discomfort, conversing with non-human others, and following a wild Christ.

SHOW NOTES Victoria Loorz is the author of "Church of the Wild." After leaving the traditional (aka, "indoor") church, she started a church of the wild and went on to co-found Seminary of the Wild and the Wild Church Network. Victoria and Tony talk about being classmates at seminary, how to be a Christian and love the planet, re-wilding our spirituality, just letting the Earth be glad, the goodness of discomfort, conversation with non-human others, learning to listen, how children get it, and following a wild Christ. WHAT IS THE REVEREND HUNTER PODCAST? Outdoorsman and theologian Tony Jones sits down with fascinating people who find transcendence in their outdoors experiences. Hunters and anglers, hikers and kayakers, talk about how they connect to the divine, and to themselves, as they pursue their passions. The conversations are at turns poignant and humorous, illuminating and inspiring. If your spirituality is connected to the outdoors, this is the podcast for you.

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